Monday, November 30, 2009

Something For Me And Something For You

As you know, I started an I Wrote This For You store the other day on cafepress, which is currently closed for repairs. As you will also notice, I’m not a designer, artist or an illustrator. I’m a writer.

But, what I myself know is that I have some incredibly talented people who read the blog. I’d like those incredibly talented people to step forward and interpret what I’ve written, visually.

Some people have already done this.

By Cassandra Warren.

By Iniga Patricia Roces Falco.

If you send me your creations, to sell in the store, I will promote you as an artist here on this blog, which is now the only link out of I Wrote This For You, credit you next to the product in the store itself and in the facebook group.

So, if you’re interested, download the cafepress templates here, find a quote that inspires you, make it, apply it to one of the templates and send it to me at with a link to your own devianart/livejournal/blogger/what ever site you’d like me to promote.


You’re free to apply your design to whatever you want but shirts seem to sell the most. Don’t let that stop you from making a clock, poster or a coffee mug if that’s what interests you.

Only send me work that’s already applied to a cafepress template and label it clearly in the email.

I’m not strict about what –has- to appear in the work. In other words, it doesn’t have to have the words “I Wrote This For You” or “pleasefindthis” on it, the title of the quote or even the entire quote.

You can’t use any of the photography from the site.

Unfortunately, I can’t pay you for your designs as a) I’m offering this mainly to young up-and-coming artists who need help getting noticed and b) sending money out (or getting it in for that matter) of South Africa, where I live, is a complete and utter nightmare.

Thank you for your time, love and understanding.




  1. lovely idea.
    will definitely look into it.

  2. I am quite excited about this idea.

  3. I love the idea :)