Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Kindness Of Others And New Stories

If you've visited the blog in the last two days, you'll notice I've added a donations button to the top of the page, at the suggestion of several die-hard fans of the project.

We've made $25 over two days which represents the grand total of the fortune we've made doing this for four years.

(We won't ever advertise on the blog. We tried it once and I didn't sleep for a week.)

It's not a lot but it's $25 more than we had when we started.

Thank you.

Thank you for valuing us and what we do.

If you can spare something for us, to show your gratitude, we'll sincerely appreciate it.

If you have nothing to give, you have love. Give it to a stranger and that'll be payment enough for us.

Considering the donation tin seems to work, I'm also considering offering my services over it as a writer.

In other words, contact me at pleasefindthis at gmail dot com if you want the best love letter ever written, your wedding speech, the inscription on your tomb or the most beautiful post-it note ever conceived and I'll write it with you.

I've also put two new stories up on TextNovel.com just because I feel like writing more and I want to get an idea of what people like (I know what I like, people on the other hand are fickle creatures who often confound me. That's probably why I write about them).

Besides I Wrote This For You being represented there (the entries are a kind of "best of"), the new stories are (some of you might be familiar with these)

Rat In A Mess: Stories About Animals


Everything Is Disgusting.

I'll continue to write whatever gets the most views and abandon what doesn't cut the mustard.

You may have also noticed that there was no Valentines Day post, after all the hype. I'm not going to go into the details of why it didn't happen but let's just say that it was due to a lack of planning on my part. There's always next year.

I love you,


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