Thursday, January 21, 2010

Caption Contest Round 2

[Edit: We'll be running these every Friday with the winners announced on Monday, here]

Dear You,

Some of you might remember the caption contest we ran here a while ago. It was pretty successful but unfortunately, time-consuming for me to go through all the captions, some of which were more than a page long. That took me a day or two. I don’t often have a spare day or two.

So, because I'd love to get you more involved, we’re trying it out on twitter and facebook.

Here’s how it works.

The picture we’ll be using is today’s, which you can see at the top of I Wrote This For You, here

If you’d like to enter a caption, tweet it with the hashtag #pleasefindthis

You don’t need to be following me or tweet it at me, just use the hashtag.

Using twitter means it’s easier for me to go through the entries (because all the entries are short and let’s be honest, a lot of the time the short ones are the best ones) and my mailbox doesn’t explode.

On Sunday, I’ll go through the entries on twitter, choose the best one, put it with the picture on and everyone who wants to see what else was entered can easily just click on the hashtag and see for themselves.

If it works today, we’ll try it out again tomorrow.

Best of luck and all my love,


PS. If you’re not on twitter, you can still enter on facebook using your status update, just keep it short and type “@I Wrote This For You” at the end of it, which will make it easier to manage because it’ll appear in the facebook group here

PPS. Just make sure you type "@I Wrote This For You" with capitals like that and no full stop, apparently I've inspired a band or something.

PPPS. I really hope your holidays went well, mine were amazing but, I did miss you and it's good to be back <3>

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  1. You are amazing Iain, tell us your story please. :)