Monday, January 11, 2010

Presents In January

Dear You,

Merry Thursday. Posting will recommence on the 11th of January. Which is also the date this letter will disappear from the front page of

There’s something incredibly familiar and comforting about seeing words appearing one after the other on my screen after so long.

First, here are some gifts.

Remember that song that Dan recorded last year? The Time It Takes To Fall? Well, as a present from Dan and I, here’s an mp3 of the recording that you can put on your iPod or music player of choice.

Leah threw this together, which you can use as a banner on the side of your page (just copy and paste the code). And, of course, if you use it and send me your blog address either here or on twitter @pleasefindthis, I’ll link to you from the news website for I Wrote This For You, in the Friends Of pleasefindthis section.

I decide to do this now in January because there are already enough presents in December.

Which is also the month that the winner of the Open Web Awards was announced.

It wasn’t me.

I know I bugged the hell out of you to vote for me and I got really hung up on how important it all was which lead to what I can now only describe as a rush of blood to the head and my previous two long winded letters to you.

That’s the problem with making something important. You stop having fun with it. You stop enjoying it.

And yet, today, now, in this moment, I am happy.

I’m happy because I got something so much more than an award. You honestly wouldn’t believe how many heart warming messages I received from people all over the world, about how I’d touched their lives or stories about a particular entry or simply reassuring me that what I did, mattered.

It was this amazing awakening for me. I’d started taking I Wrote This For You very seriously and in essence, started to treat it like work.

That’s not to say that it shouldn’t be taken seriously as a project, quite obviously many people, including myself, do.

But it should be love, not work, that drives it.

Hopefully 2010 will be a return to that principle. I know for a fact that it'll be a year filled with exciting things. I don't think of it as another chance. Because every moment is another chance.

See you on the 11th,


PS. I missed you <3>

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  1. Hey.
    Thank you for going on with your blog.. I don't know if you have read my comment on the deleted version of this post on pleasefindthis, so I'll shorten it and write it again.
    I'm really happy that you are going on with what you are doing, because it really touches.. no not only touches.. but affects me. And I'm sure many other people are touched, too.
    The banner got a nice spot on my tumblr, this project deserves way more support then it gets.
    You know.. there aren't much people looking at my tumblr, but that's all I can do.
    You don't have to link me for the banner being on there. See it as a thank you for doing what you are doing.
    Love and support.